Accelerator ensures new marine protected areas safeguard marine biodiversity.

We partner with conservation organizations, community leaders and governments to ensure that their new marine protected areas (MPAs) meet science-based standards for conservation effectiveness. By using science to guide marine protected area planning and implementation from the outset, we avoid wasting time, energy and resources on ineffective MPAs that do not contribute to biodiversity conservation.

By following the science of MPA effectiveness, the Blue Park Accelerator program provides clear guidance for MPA campaigns that will help governments and NGOs produce protected areas that meet international conservation goals for safeguarding biodiversity.

Accelerator projects are chosen based on their commitment to achieving successful, long-lasting conservation objectives. These projects are expected to earn Blue Park status following their implementation and demonstration of successful management.

The Accelerator approach is:

  • Collaborative

  • Science-based

  • Respectful of on-the-ground MPA planners

Accelerator Collaborators

MPA Planners commit to work towards Blue Park status by meeting or exceeding  science-based criteria for effectiveness. They work with the our team to understand the standard and connect with the resources to address specific challenges.

Marine Conservation Institute provides consultation regarding MPA plans and implementation; references, case study models, and informational resources for addressing MPA challenges; and connections within our network of technical partners. We will also work with MPA planning teams to promote their projects and secure funding grants.

Blue Park Technical Partners are individuals and organizations with expertise in the common challenges of MPA planning, implementation, management and enforcement. They work with MPA Planners who need help meeting Blue Park Award criteria.

Blue Park Accelerator Projects